This article is about you. For the main character in the episode A Story About You, see You (character).
You are, you. Touch your face. That's you. Look in the mirror, that's not you. Break the mirror. Never speak of that person in the mirror again.

You are one of Night Vale Community Radio's listeners. You are mentioned and addressed throughout the podcast, and there may be many yous out there.

The Faceless Old Woman secretly lives in your home. There are also thousands of spiders living in your home, and there is always a spider on you as a result. Don't worry, the spiders are trained. You can thank a Vague, Yet Menacing, Government Agency for the spiders.

Deaths Edit

Your death is mentioned in A Memory of Europe. Cecil announces that a new type of poisonous spider has been found, and that you are dead as a result, saying that "[Y]ou were a portrait of agony, your skin a myriad of pulsing, angry colors." Then he realizes that this news was for next week, mentions it, and tells you not to worry, but has a feeling you will anyway.

According to the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home, you die in bed and remain there long enough to decompose to the point that your bones are visible. This may or may not mean that you died during A Memory of Europe and are actually a rotting skeleton in your bed with the radio left on. Time does not work the same way for the Faceless Old Woman as it does for you.