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You is a character introduced in episode 13, "A Story About You." The character You may easily be confused with any fictional listener in Night Vale or with the real life listener of the podcast. You  appears in episode 13, and is the main character of that story, as told by Cecil on Night Vale Community Radio.

In episode 13, Cecil describes how You came to Night Vale after seeing the dark planet, how You grew crazy with the freedom of being in a new town, how You left your fiance, how You stole a crate and took it home with You. You live in a trailer out in the Car Lot next to Old Woman Josie's house.

In episode 21, Cecil talks about a new kind of spider "as hard to spot as its bite is hard to survive," which scientists discovered while examining Your dead body.  He then describes the condition of Your corpse, before apologizing and reassuring You that this report was sent in from the future and You have nothing to worry about for a few days.

You is also known throughout the podcast. We don't know if it is you as the listener or you as any fictional listener in night vale.

In the episode Faceless woman, Cecil says You a lot. As if she is in Your home. Which she is. Also she would like your wi-fi password.

Grammatical ConventionsEdit

Because it is easy to confuse the character You with any fictional listener in Night Vale or a real life listener of the WTNV podcast, the character is commonly given a capital Y, as shown throughout this article. In a case where the word "you" would appear at the beginning of a sentence (as in, "You may not know this..."), the character You is given more precision with a phrase similar to "The character You" or "You, the character."

Within the canonical Night Vale, there is no distinction, since Cecil is actually telling the story of you, the listener.

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