Wheat and wheat by-products were, at one time, highly recommended by the City Council. Then all wheat and wheat by-products in the city transformed into highly venomous snakes. Then they again transformed, this time into destructive and malevolent spirits. Night Vale declared a state of emergency, and all citizens who had come into contact with them were quarantined. Everyone else proceeded to the Wheat and Wheat By-Products Shelter that already existed beneath the Night Vale Public Library. When asked why this was already in place, the City Council replied simply, "Prophecy." All wheat and wheat by-products suddenly vanished the same day, finally ending the threat.[1]

Later, Big Rico's Pizza suffered from the continued ban on wheat and wheat by-products, as they were forced to sell mostly just bowls of stewed tomatoes, melted cheese wads, and gluten-free pizza slices. The restaurant attempted to host a basement speakeasy for wheat and wheat by-products, but got caught. Big Rico apologized to City Council in a way that did not include blackmail, or secret campaign contributions, or special favors.[2]

During Night Vale's revolt against StrexCorp, StrexCorp representatives deplored the ban. "Delicious wheat!" Kevin was heard to cry. "Delicious by-products!"[3]

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