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Please Help Me Find This Character

So there's Old Woman Josie, with her heirarchy of angels which most certainly do not exist. There's John Peters (you know, the farmer?).

But who is the male character whose name is often followed by 'out on the edge of town'?

I can't remember for the life of me, and I sincerely do not desire to go through all the episodes at the moment to find him. Does anybody happen to know off the top of their heads (not literally, put that back where it came from or so help me I will force your helmet back on myself)? I ask because I'm planning on making a personal headcanon map of Night Vale, and I need to label his residence. Thank you in advance for any answers you can provide; I'm very grateful. Also, if you could list a few locations in Night Vale which are not listed on the Locations page? I know they're not all there. Once again, thanks.

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