There's been a whole bunch of changes recently so I'm just gonna do a little round up here

  • The preview images for the episode tabs on the front page are all caught up, and I made sure to save a template so I can keep them up to date
  • The theme's changed a bit: We're no longer transparent but now have a grayer color instead of white, and user Tobiasvl gave us a neat new favicon to use.
  • I'm happy to annouce we now have absolutely 0 orphaned pages! There's also only one dead-end page, which is primarily a just for fun page and not actually an article. So doing pretty awesome on that end.
  • The view count has been increasing steadily, and we've almost hit 9,000.
  • We do still have about 8 pages that don't fit into our current categories, which needs to be fixed. In addition, the organization tag is already used for wiki stuff, so we should probably change that to something clearer. "Group" or "Association" ? Talk to me.

That's about all I can think of. Let me know if you've got any more pressing concerns, questions, or ideas on how to improve! 

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