March 10, 2016 by MGLVNA

    It was pretty much agreed like a year ago that it's not necessary to put full transcripts on pages, and just link to ones hosted on other sites, but apparently someones been making them anyway. I'm not deleting them right away 'cuz I wanna hear if any of y'all have a good reason to keep them, talk to me in the comments.

    Also, on the matter of categories like "books" and "night vale major districts," I wanna remind everyone we have a rule of three in place! If you wanna start a new category, make sure we already have at least 3 articles that fit into it. Otherwise, it doesn't qualify.

    I know I've been pretty dormant for quite a while, but I'll be notified via email when anyone writes on my wall, so please don't be afraid to ask me for help wi…

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    An edit happened earlier today, and I had to roll it back. This is already on the talk page, but as it happened for a 2nd time anyway I feel the need to address it:

    Do not remove the word "Latino" from Carlos's page. He is a dark haired dark skinned man with a Latino name, played by a Latino actor. The character has been explicitly called Latino by the writers themselves. Carlos is Latino. This is canonical fact. Erasing it is whitewashing. I will lock the page if this happens again.

    Thank you. 

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    News and Stuff

    April 19, 2014 by MGLVNA

    There's been a whole bunch of changes recently so I'm just gonna do a little round up here

    • The preview images for the episode tabs on the front page are all caught up, and I made sure to save a template so I can keep them up to date
    • The theme's changed a bit: We're no longer transparent but now have a grayer color instead of white, and user Tobiasvl gave us a neat new favicon to use.
    • I'm happy to annouce we now have absolutely 0 orphaned pages! There's also only one dead-end page, which is primarily a just for fun page and not actually an article. So doing pretty awesome on that end.
    • The view count has been increasing steadily, and we've almost hit 9,000.
    • We do still have about 8 pages that don't fit into our current categories, which needs to …
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    So, it's come to my attention that Desert Bluffs Wikia is a thing that's been existing. When I first saw it created, I assumed it was just a mirror version of the homepage- a just for fun novelty page that was very much in spirit of the show. This was a neat thing I had no issue with. But this, it turns out, is not the case. The addition of a page for a fanmade podcast episode isn't something that sits well with me. That's something much more suited to a fanon wiki, not us. If you'd like to promote your fan podcast, you're free to make a blog post about it, or even start a thread on our forums (little used though they be). But don't go making pages for it. I'll be deleting most of the associated pages and categories. If you want to discuss…

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