Hi!  Laveycee here.  Just a few warnings for this fanfiction: It is angsty, and Celios (Cecil/Carlos, if you were wondering).  ...I hope you enjoy!

To my Carlos--

It's been twenty years since you left me and the pain still hits me every day.

I love you. Carlos, my perfect Carlos, I love you so very much--more than you'll ever know. I wish you hadn't left me. I miss you so much--it's like someone has taken a part of me, and they have, Carlos, they have--someone has taken my heart.

I couldn't go in to work today. You remember how much I loved my job. It used to be that it wasn't something I had to do, it was something I wanted to do, but, dear Carlos, when you left me... it became something I was obligated to do. You'd be so disappointed in my broadcasting these days, Carlos... When you died, so did I, in all but body.

Goodnight, my Carlos, my love.

Your Cecil

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