Hello everyone! We have some lovely new infoboxes from Imamadmad (thanks again!) and it's gotten me thinking about our organization, especially the articles about episodes! We inherited a lot of our infrastructure from the very beginning of the wiki. Some of it seems a little clunky and ill-defined, especially the subplot category entries and the subplot section on episode articles.

I think it's time to re-examine how episode articles can be best used. Please use the comment space to discuss whatever is most important to you, but here are some points to get us started:

  1. Do you even like the organization for the episode articles?
    • As they are now, are episode pages useful to you as a fan/as a wiki contributor?
    • Should we have longer, paragraphed discussions of the plots of each episode?
    • Should we get rid of the subplots as a category, or reorganize them? 
  2. If we're going to keep the subplots, then what constitutes a subplot?
    If not, should we create a different category for that kind of reoccurance? 
    If subplots should be only events/storylines, should those events have separate subplot pages?
  3. Do you have any other general comments about our organization?
    • Share it even if it's not specifically about episodes! Maybe everyone else is more concerned with something else.

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