What’s past is prologue; what’s future is epilogue. This, right here, is maybe Chapter Four or Five.
— Cecil

Episode 73
Released 1 September 2015
Written by Joseph Fink
Jeffrey Cranor
Narrated by Cecil Baldwin
Produced by Night Vale Presents
Soundtrack Disparition
The Weather “Heroine” by Unwoman
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Well of Night Civic Changes

Synopsis Edit

There seems to be something wrong with the broadcast signal. Do you hear that? Radio signals come from the past and future, from KEVIN.

Plot Development Edit

  • Kevin: Kevin's origins are more thoroughly explored.
  • The Other Empty Desert: Cecil is apparently aware that Kevin has named his new settlement Desert Bluffs.

Proverb Edit

Candles lit, runes drawn upon the floor, sacrifice prepared. Everything is ready for the summoning. I begin the incantation: "Shakira, Shakira!"
— Cecil

Notes Edit

  • The voice of Cecil is Cecil Baldwin.
  • The voice of Kevin is Kevin R. Free.
  • A "triptych" is defined as three parts come together; a trilogy. In this episode there are three versions of Kevin: past, present (recent past), and future.