This page details the timeline of Night Vale and Desert Bluffs, using as many references to Welcome to Night Vale episodes as possible.

Ancient Times Edit

  • Before Time Began
    • The gods are born in the mudwomb, a place with no action or intention, waiting for the world to begin[1].
  • Ages Before First Humans Appeared[1]
    • The Woman from Italy dips her hand in the stars, running her finger through the great glowing coils of the universe.
    • The Distant Prince explores every far cave and hole, all of the dark places.
    • The Glow Cloud changes colors and drops animals, long before the first animals were born.
    • Huntokar sits cross-legged in a lake for 10,000 years.

Early history Edit

  • The Mesozoic Era
    • The area that will eventually house Night Vale is inhabited by a flock of pteranodons. Some of them travel through a rift in time to modern-day Night Vale, though all but one are safely returned[2].
  • 4000 BC
    • Earliest human settlement of Night Vale. Some cave paintings remain of settlements and the "inhuman, shimmering shapes that never came closer or went farther away" and watched these ancient settlers from far away (according to Cecil). The original discoverer of the cave paintings tried to power wash them off the falls, as for religious reasons he did not believe in the past.[3]
    • Huntokar chooses Night Vale as her domain.
  • Centuries before 2013, Night Vale Community Radio is founded by "mysterious, unseen forces."[4]

18th century Edit

  • Before *1745: for his 15th birthday, Cecil Gershwin Palmer is gifted a microphone set, which he uses to record pastiche Night Vale Community Radio shows, modeled after the shows by the host of the time, Leonard Burton. Cecil's ambition is not unseen, as he is invited to intern at Night Vale Community Radio.[5]
    • *As of episode 106, It is becoming more apparent that Cecil Gershwin Palmer may have served his internship in the early 1980's, with the finding of his ID and Cecil's description of himself.
  • 1745
    • The future site of Night Vale and Desert Bluffs is not yet more than a large, featureless desert. Groups of settlers visit the future site of Night Vale, but only one elects to stay. Lee Marvin announces the foundation of the city of Night Vale, "complete with all the things a home needs: secrets, dread, omnipresent government, and areas that are forbidden!"[6] Early settlers included peace-loving imperialist conquerors and religious leaders who wore "soft meats crowns" made of inverted organs strung around the head[3], and were supported by Huntokar, the god creator of the city of Night Vale[1].
  • After the foundation of the USA, the Faceless Old Woman comes to America in an attempt to find answers to a long ago betrayal[1].

19th century Edit

20th century Edit

  • 1934
    • New Years Eve: Night Vale celebrates its prosperity and the "Sparklingly Clean Thirties" with a swimming pool full of champagne.[6]
  • ca. 1942
  • 1943
    • For the war effort, Night Vale citizens chant around bloodstones for the victory of the United States in World War II.[6] A federal lawsuit later requires Night Vale to take down its 7-story monument to Night Vale's contributions to the War Effort.[3]
  • 1950s
    • Night Vale is visited by genderless future humans using time travel technology, which is subsequently outlawed.[12]
  • 1952
    • Danielle DuBois is the current mayor of Night Vale. She writes a poem in honour of nothing that should never not be unknown, Later, in her honor, a monolith in place of the future dog park is erected.[13]
  • 1970s
  • 1980s
    • Paul Birmingham begins his community activism by spending most of the 80s advocating for the legalization of oregano.[14]
  • 1983
    • The 1983 Earthquake Dust Fire occurs[15].
    • The world in on the brink of nuclear war, caused from mistakenly launched missiles.
    • Huntokar attempts to remove Night Vale off the world, and thus shatters reality and makes different worlds merge and collide.
    • Night Vale's pen pals from Nulogorsk, Night Vale's sister city, stop changing the dates on their letters and presumably get stuck in 1983[16] or are being decimated in the war.
    • The September 24th issue of the Night Vale Daily Journal, as brought in the submarine from Nulogorsk, has an article with the headline "Sister City Nulogorsk Decimated By Nuclear Attack - No Known Survivors". The Night Vale copy of the same issue has a different front page article, probably because the submarine came from another world[16].
  • ca. 1983
    • The City Council abolishes the Summer Reading Program.[17]
  • 1984
  • 1985
  • 1986
  • 1993
    • During Poetry Week, an unchecked librarian population results in the loss of many innocent and screaming book lovers.[13]
  • ca. 1997
    • Night Vale stops corresponding with their Nulogorsk pen pals, as they can no longer discuss about contemporary developments in Michel Jackson's career.[16]

21st century Edit

  • 2011
  • 2012
    • The dog park's inauguration. No one, except the hooded figures, is to enter the dog park.[21]
    • Carlos and his team of scientists arrive to Night Vale.[21]
    • The Glow Cloud first passes through Night Vale.[22] Later in the year, it becomes a member of the school board of Night Vale Elementary School, while its child begins education at the school.[23]
  • 2013
    • Night Vale legalizes time travel.[24]
    • During Poetry Week, the dog park opens, trapping Intern Dana inside.[13]
    • Mayor Pamela Winchell announces her resignation before the end of 2013 for the first time. She continues to announce her resignation throughout the year.[25]
    • One year after the dog park's inauguration, Carlos is wounded and saved by the Apache Tracker, who dies in process.[26]
    • The Night Vale Subway System opens, and not before long, closes. Petitions are made to re-open it.[27]
    • StrexCorp Synernists Incorporated buys Night Vale Community Radio.[4]
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • Before 2022
    • The position of Mayor of Night Vale will become vacant.[3]
  • 2052 Various future events include:[3]
    • The "Scion of the Dark Order" will descend, realize he mistimed the prophecy, and re-ascend.
    • The Seventh Siege of the Great Night Vale Temple will rage on.
    • The "Plague of Buzzing Boils" will kill thousands and annoy thousands more with its buzzing.
    • The City Council will reveal its true form and eat half of the population of time.
    • Approval ratings for the Mayor will be around 40%, despite there having been no mayor for over thirty years.

Precise date unknown Edit

  • Decades ago, the lizard kings, impressed by the effort Americans put into their unsuccessful revolution, decide to let them have their own country. (still ruled by the reptilians)[32]
  • Within Kevin's adult lifetime[33], but before 2013[24]: The Incident strikes Desert Bluffs. Before the Incident, the Desert Bluffs Cacti Marching Band had "crisp, clean uniforms"; afterwards, they did not.
  • Desert Bluffs is founded, and is unaware of Night Vale[6]
  • StrexCorp takes over Desert Bluffs, with significant resistance from local radio host Kevin[33].

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