• For Example:

    "The old church down the street." in These And More Than These.

    "Everybody's waiting for the Messiah. The Jews are waiting.  The Christians are waiting.  Oh so are the Muslims. It's like everybody's waiting," in Jerusalem.

    "I'm gonna tell my Jesus," in Blackstar.

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    • I guess that is not intentional. Some time ago, I don't remember when, Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor opened submissions for the weather and they said that thay would just take all the songs they like and not necessarily the weirdest ones. And because most of (today's) songs are either about relationships/love/sex or life/death and religion is connected to at least one of those and often used as a metaphor for the other one it should be unavoidible to have religious content in the weather.

      (But it is funny you mention this because the (MIGHTY) glow cloud (ALL HAIL) is a god, according to Huntokar. And in our world, clouds are basically the symbol for weather. So there is religion in the weather. Even if this is just a ridiculous association.)

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    • Yeah. For me, it isn't even a complaint just one day I was listening to a playlist on Spotify that has all of the Night Vale weathers. And my friend pointed it out and I just kind of dismissed it. I just assumed it was only a few that we noticed. Later, I went back and realized that nearly all of them reference religion. I was wondering if anyone else thought this was interesting. I am not a religious person (except for the Mighty Glow Cloud, ALL HAIL). After I realized it, I wondered if maybe there was a reason behind it. Thank you very much for your answer.

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