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The Woman from Italy is a mysterious and possibly dangerous being who visits Night Vale from time to time. She seems to like drinking coffee and threatening people with violence and destruction. She causes people to speak in rhymes.

Mentions Edit

  • Episode 39, The Woman from Italy: Cecil reports that she is seen in town, though he doesn't understand why. He occasionally loses consciousness and begins to speak in rhyme.
  • Episode 87, The Trial of Hiram McDaniels: in the Community Classifieds section, the Woman states that she didn't forget about Night Vale and might not let the citizens live the next time she visits.
  • Episode 96, Negotiations: one of the courses offered by Simone Rigadeau as a part of the new Earth Sciences program concerns the Woman, the title of the course is spelled in emojis.
  • Episode 104, The Hierarchy of Angels: Steve Carlsberg calls Cecil to tell him about his meeting with the Woman, he speaks in rhymes.

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