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The Distant Prince is a mysterious being described as both merciless [1] and all-powerfull [2]. He acts through his harbingers. It is possible that he is from outer space [1] and that has always existed [3].

Mentions Edit

  • Episode 75 Through the Narrow Place: Harbingers of the Prince force all citizens of Night Vale to run through the Narrow Place.
  • Episode 79 Lost In The Mail: The Prince is mentioned in the opening where it is suggested that he comes from outer space.
  • Episode 92 If He Had Lived: The National Weather Service issues a statement claiming that continous thunderstorms to the west of Night Vale are caused by movements of the Prince's court.
  • Episode 96 Negotiations: One of the courses offered by Simone Rigadeau as a part of the new Earth Sciences program is called “Clear and Distant Danger: the Terrible Mysteries of the Distant Prince”.
  • Episode 103 Ash Beach: Hadassah McDaniels and other dragons are seen visiting the Prince's court.
  • Episode 106 Filings: The Faceless Old Woman tells Cecil that the Prince's Harbingers are preparing to act.

References Edit

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