Do not bite the hand that feeds you. Grab it first. Take the keys. Set yourself free. Then bite the hand… and run.
— Cecil

"The 12:37" is the 91st episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was originally released on August 1, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

The 12:37 train has arrived. Plus, a crowd gathers on Somerset and the return of Laser Tag.

Plot Developments Edit

The Underground City & The Crates: A woman who wore a deer mask (claiming to be "the Destroyer") spoke out against the small buildings being taken from the city and put into crates on the train.

The Underground City: A roach with the name Huntokar (the name of a god worshipped in the city) was found on Cecil's body.

Katherine (your boss) and Tina (your coworker) are mentioned in the Traffic segment - it is likely this is Diane Crayton driving, but it might also be the man in the tan jacket.

Proverb Edit

Here is the Church. Here is the Steeple. Open it up and see all the people screaming about the giant that just tore the roof open.
— Cecil


> Cecil mentions the hobby of "trainspotting" perhaps the only example of enjoying transport in the entire series