We all have to start somewhere. We all have to end somewhere, too, but let’s concentrate on the other thing.
— Cecil

Taking Off
Desert Bluffs
Episode 70A
Released 15 June 2015
Written by Joseph Fink
Jeffrey Cranor
Narrated by Kevin R. Free
Produced by Commonplace Books
Soundtrack Disparition
The Weather "Pyramid" by Jason Webley
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"Taking Off" is the first part of the 70th episode of Welcome to Night Vale, released on June 15th, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

  • It's the first broadcast of a new radio station in a desert otherworld. Plus, a huge research project reaches its conclusion.

Plot Development Edit

  • The Other Empty Desert: The new radio station in the desert otherworld opens.
  • Desert Bluffs: New Desert Bluffs is founded by Kevin and named in honor of his hometown.
  • Carlos: Carlos expresses satisfaction with his scientific research, but dissatisfaction with other aspects of his life.

Proverb Edit

A rose by any other name is called something else.
— Cecil

Notes Edit