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"I can tell you right now it was Steve Carlsberg who said that, and he is such a spoilsport, that Steve! "

Steve Carlsberg is a resident of Night Vale, and, according to Cecil, "a huge jerk", although he's never mentioned as doing anything that would make him so.

Of all Night Vale's residents, Steve seems to be the most aware of the many logical absurdities taking place in the town, particularly regarding the decisions of the Night Vale government and he often sends complaints to the radio station via fax machine.

Cecil seems to hold a very negative opinion of him, more so than any other Night Vale resident and will go out of his way to make, often personal, disparaging remarks about him on air.

He is a member of the Night Vale PTA, drives a tan Corolla, and is a Scorpio.

It is revealed in the episode Cookies that Steve is actually Cecil's brother in law, as he is the step father of Cecil's niece, Janice.


He was first mentioned in episode six, The Drawbridge. Here, he is caught complaining about the new drawbridge, stating, "We don't even have a river or bay in Night Vale! There would never be a boat to necessitate a drawbridge!" Cecil then calls Steve a "spoilsport."

His second mention was in The Lights in Radon Canyon (Episode 8), where Cecil calls Steve out on doing nothing for the PTA except "bring[ing] unacceptably dry scones to PTA meetings and tak[ing] grammatically disastrous minutes on your shifts as meeting secretary!"

The third mention of him was in The Man in the Tan Jacket (Episode 14). Again, Cecil is calling Steve out, telling Night Vale that the town is at war and that "careless talk costs lives." He speculates that Steve Carlsberg was the one that talked, and that the town should go "have a chat" with him to see who Steve has been talking to and find out what he's been saying. 

His fourth appearance was in The Sandstorm (Part A) and The Sandstorm (Part B); he wrote to Cecil, in part A:

"The sandstorm is clearly a coverup. I believe this was a government-created project. Our government has long been participating in cloud-seeding experiments, and trying to suppress the people with pharmaceuticals. I believe that this government will stop at nothing in order to…"

Cecil then stops reading the letter to tell Steve off again, saying that he's had enough of Steve's "government bashing." In part B, Kevin receives the same letter, but his reaction is very different; Kevin facetiously tells his audience that "Steve hit the nail on the head", before dismissing the storm as being well beyond the government's capabilities, attesting that only a well-run, well-equipped private business such as StrexCorp could manage such an undertaking and going on to praise StrexCorp and businesses like it for the products and services they provide. He concludes by thanking Steve for his letter and calling him a "great guy!".

In the episode Cookies, it is revealed that Steve is in fact Cecil's brother-in-law, and apparently a negligent step-father to Cecil's niece, Janice. Cecil also accuses Steve of being a gambling addict, and having "terrible taste in shoes".

Behind The ScenesEdit

Steve Carlsberg is voiced by Hal Lublin, a voice actor, comedian, and writer, known for The Thrilling Adventure Hour. His first appearance as Steve Carlsberg was in The Librarian
Hal Lublin, voice of Steve Carlsberg with Cecil Baldwin
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