Sigrid Borg is a woman living in Night Vale. According to her classified dossier, she was relocated to Night Vale as a part of a witness protection program and Sigrid is not her real name. Cecil did a profile on her in the Citizen Spotlight segment of his show.

Fictional biography Edit

According to her fictional biography (as the real one is classified because of her being a part of a witness protection program), Sigrid's grandparents were a grade school teacher and a timber farmer. Both of them are now retired and live at the mouth of the Nissan river by the North Sea. Her parents were immigrants from Halmstad, a Swedish port city.

She spent her childhood in the Hefty Sycamore Trailer Park. She didn't have many friends in school, because she was shy. Once she took part in an audition for a school pageant, where she sung Flakey-O’s jingle, but everybody thought she meant it was a joke, so nobody took her seriously. By the 7th grade she begun to make friends, as she was a very good lab partner during dissection, although everyone thought she was new in town, as nobody remembered her. The same year she was asked out to a school dance.

When she was in high school, a lump grew on her pinky finger that eventually became so big it looked like another pinky finger. After this, her family relocated as her father thought it may be connected to a pesticide waste river near where they lived. After moving into a new house, her parents started fighting because they lacked money to fix the building and Sigrid blamed her extra finger for this. She started to spend time with a group of children gathering near train tracks in order to be away from her home. One day, when she was looking at her house, all of the children disappeared and she never saw them again. By the end of high school, she was the only pupil in her class not to receive a commemorative award as none remembered her.

You once went thrift store shopping with her and she bought you a jacked which was too big for you. Recently you found the jacked and discovered it had a note inside, which described somethig Sigrid saw that she shound't have seen. Sigrid's instructions were to burn the note and never speak about it.

She has a degree in marine hauntology from an online university and she has served on the board of the Sand Wastes Conservation Fund for six and a half years. She also has a disorder which prevents her from crying and sweating.

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