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Among the residents of Night Vale are several groups of scientists. They tend to live in Night Vale's Science District[1], despite the obvious dangers posed by scientists living in close proximity.

Carlos leads a team of five scientists[1], four of whom are named Rachelle[2], Dave[2], Nilanjana ("Nils")[1], and Stan[1].

The scientists of Night Vale Community College include Dr. Chelsea Dubinski in the chemistry department, and several unnamed botanists. There are also scientists working at Night Vale's underground Pulsar Development Facility; a group of meteorologists who held a press conference about the sandstorm and wouldn't shut up about raccoons[3]; the scientists who gathered outside Cecil's broadcast booth to warn the town about the deadly transformations of wheat and wheat by-products[4]; and Joel Eisenberg, Night Vale's only flying dinosaur expert.[5]

Cecil frequently talks about groups of scientists in his broadcasts without specifying which group he's talking about, referring to them as simply "the scientists." Then again, as Cecil says, "We have all been scientists at one point or another in our lives."[6]

Science is weird in Night Vale.

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