Roger Singh is a resident of Night Vale, first mentioned in CondosWhile waiting outside the Condo Rental Office, he began to point at every object in sight asking if it was a condo. Roger later was seen holding a detached spine of an unknown being and asking if he would be able to buy a condo with it. Roger eventually was able to buy a condo with the spine, and when he touched the condo, he saw "a cave, underwater, in an ocean far to the north. And the water around him was dark – so dark! – that he wasn’t sure even which way led to the surface, to life…and which way led down only to the deep silence. He gasped, but found he had no breath…and no need to breathe. And there was this cave that smoldered with a light, a light that was charged and alive. And shadows moved against the light, cast by…what?…within the cave. And then he swam towards it, uncertain whether he was a guest, or sacrifice, or invulnerable dreamer. And he heard a song from the cave, and he knew it, and it was perfect. And he sang along, but at the same time, he had never heard that song before in his life. And what was life? What made it his? It all seemed so small, part of the world that didn’t exist anymore. And then he went backwards from the face of the condo, and the ocean and the cave vanished, and he stared up at the blue sky, as awash with light as the water around him had been dark."

Roger was last seen touching the wall of his condo and staring blankly.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor have stated that Roger Singh is a Sikh.