Red Mesa is presumably a city or town near Night Vale. Despite this, it is unclear where the town is. Not much is known about the town, but it is assumed they are not nearly as hated as the people in Desert Bluffs.

Mentions Edit

It was first mentioned in Glow Cloud, when a special announcement about the escape of fugitive Hiram McDaniels noted that he had been spotted flying and shrieking over Red Mesa.

They appeared again in Homecoming. In this episode, it was revealed that their high school football team was called the Red Mesa High School Ant Carpenters; they played in the 2014 homecoming game against the Night Vale Scorpions, and, according to Cecil, were dreadful.

They were also mentioned in Episode 91, the The 12:37. The train that the episode centered around was supposedly going to Red Mesa, but at the end the destination was left unknown.