The Night Vale Tourism Board is an organization in Night Vale, presumably created to attract tourism to the town. Given Night Vale's desolate and generally threatening environment, the NVTB struggles to develop ad campaigns that actually make the town sound like a pleasant place to visit. The NVTB's executive director, Madeline LeFleur, has apparently been driven completely insane by her organization's quixotic purpose.

Known ad campaigns Edit

2012, "Visitable Night Vale" Edit

To launch their "Visitable Night Vale" campaign, the NVTB created posters encouraging families to visit Night Vale's Radon Canyon, emblazoned with the slogan, "The view is literally breathtaking." The posters were placed at police stations and frozen yogurt shops in nearby towns, along with promotional giveaways of plastic sheeting and rebreathers.[1]

2014, "We will show you fun in a handful of dust!" Edit

Wtnv-tourismboard-poster 500x

By 2014, the NVTB had completely given up on trying to convince tourists that Night Vale had any fun or exciting attractions, and instead adopted the strategy of trying to convince tourists that they don't need attractions in order to have fun. NVTB executive director Madeline LeFleur explained, "Some travelers think they need to see things, like monuments, or the majesty of nature, or spectacular musicals, or eat regional/cultural foods in order to have a good time on vacation. But they don’t! You don't need attractions to have a good time! Just use your imagination!"[2]

Leadership Edit

The Night Vale Tourism Board's executive director, Madeline LeFleur, seems to have been driven completely insane by the impossible nature of her job. During Poetry Week 2013, LeFleur sent Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer a poem that read, simply, "TOURISM. IS. IMPORTANT." Below the words was a reddish-brown smudge that Cecil noted to be "shaped like an underfed hawk alighting upon a mesquite tree," and taped to the page were what appeared to be three human molars.[3] On February 1, 2014, while LeFleur was explaining the new NVTB slogan, "We will show you fun in a handful of dust," she became transfixed by the midday sun and whispered to her confused audience, "There it is again! It's beautiful! So beautiful! Why do you think it keeps circling back like that?"[2]

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