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Education is important, say whispers with no obvious source we all hear every night.

Cecil Palmer[1]

The Night Vale School System includes the local school board, an elementary school, a high school, a community college, and other schools.

The public school district is Night Vale Unified School District.[2]

History Edit

After the Event in 1986, all computing machines were forbidden.[3]

Other schools Edit

  • Dagger's Plunge Charter School: It is unclear whether Dagger's Plunge is an elementary school, middle school, or high school. The school board was apathetic toward petitions for a wheelchair ramp, citing perilous struggle as one of the lessons children must absorb before the Great Culling (it's unclear if they were referring to the day-to-day struggles of adulthood or a literal culling).[3] It is possibly located on DuBois Road.[2]
  • Night Vale Community Preschool, also known as the Preschool Chimney Sweep Academy: A place for forward-looking toddlers to realize their dreams of economic opportunity by becoming chimney sweeps. Appears to have been subsidized by generous billionaire Marcus Vanston.[4]

References Edit

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