Never go to the ocean! It is a confounding place. It is full of death, and strife, and terror. We're marine biologists, and we won't even go to the ocean, so you know it's bad.

The Night Vale Marine Biologist's Association is apparently an organization of marine biologists who live in Night Vale.[1] It is not clear why marine biologists would live in Night Vale, a small, landlocked desert town, but the absence of any notable body of water anywhere near Night Vale didn't stop the Night Vale Business Association from building the Night Vale Harbor and Waterfront Recreation Area, and neither did it stop the citizens of Nulogorsk from sending a submarine to the Sand Wastes, so why should it stop a marine biologist from practicing marine biology?[2][1] The NVMBA discourages the citizens of Night Vale from ever visiting the ocean, which they insist is a place so terrible that even they, marine biologists, will never go there.

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