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Night Vale Elementary School is the town's only public elementary school. The Night Vale Elementary School building is a living creature.[1] The school includes the Elementary School Playground.

This school was the location of a feral dog attack. Students are equipped with nerve gas canisters and automatic pistols for protection, both of which were used during the aforementioned attack.[2]

The Desert Creek housing development and the house that doesn't exist are located behind the school.

Steve Carlsberg described the local elementary schools as "okay," but expressed a preference for sending his stepdaughter Janice to a private school.[3]

Subjects Edit

Elementary school subjects include history, geology, math, English, astronomy, and foreign languages (Spanish, French, Modified Sumerian, Double Spanish, Weird Spanish, Coptic Spanish, Russian, and Unmodified Sumerian).[4] Other subjects include scrying (second grade)[1] and transmigration studies (seventh grade).[5]

Employees Edit

  • Faculty
    • Susan Escobar, the second grade scrying teacher[1]
    • Erana Panchik, third grade teacher[5]
  • Anti-faculty[1]
  • Animal-masked proctors[1]
  • The hooded janitors without names, who can never leave the building, being a part of it[1]

Students Edit

References Edit

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