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"To the parents of Chad, the intern, we regret to inform you that your son was lost in the line of community radio duty, and that he will be missed, and never forgotten."

The Night Vale Community Radio Interns are a valued part of the Night Vale Community Radio staff. As with all radio internships, Night Vale Community Radio Interns gain exciting, hands-on real world experience working in broadcast media. Interns perform a broad range of tasks such as attending press conferences, operating switchboards, monitoring social networking sites for news updates, investigating reports of strange happenings around town, organizing the tape archive,[1] mimeographing,[2] singing sea shanties to the ants,[2] keening to station management,[1] filing ad contracts,[3] renaming the wingless insects,[3] and making coffee for Cecil.

Unfortunately, the job of an intern in Night Vale isn't easy, and the sacrifices made in the name of community radio are many. Maureen even copy-edited Cecil's Jaws slash fic, something that was not in the job description.[2]

Interns Edit

For a more detailed explanation of the high turn-over rate of interns, see Intern Death Toll.

List of Night Vale Community Radio interns:

  • Intern Chad went to the discount sporting goods store, intending to purchase a tennis racket. He was not heard from for several weeks. 
  • ""Intern Jerry"' went to see what Station Management wanted but never came back.
  • Intern Leland - Voiced by actor James Urbaniak in the LA Podcast live show. In The Shape in Grove Park, Intern Leland was vaporized by a strange red light emanating from the station's entrance.
  • Intern Rob - Intern Leland's cousin. Also voiced by James Urbaniak. He first appeared in the second show performed live at the LA Podcast Festival, a slightly rewritten version of The Man in the Tan Jacket. He was not mentioned in the podcast episodes until Old Oak Doors Part A.
  • Intern Brad is skilled in both carpentry and dark magic, and built a floating litter box for Khoshekh. He wasn't described as having died, disappeared, or something else equally dismal until Old Oak Doors Part A.
  • Intern Stacey died sometime after Street Cleaning Day but her death wasn't reported until Valentine . Cecil says the delay in reporting her death was "totally" his fault.
  • Intern Richard is not technically dead.  He was absorbed and became one with the Whispering Forest.
  • Intern Paolo was a part of the hundreds of children that disappeared into the Night Vale Public Library. He wasn't described as having died, until Old Oak Doors Part A.
  • Intern Dylan was sent to do errands and was instructed to travel via the subway; he never returned.
  • Intern Vithya ascended into Heaven on the street outside the Night Vale Hall of Records.
  • Intern Jesús went to investigate the bottomless pit in the Intern Break Room, but never returned.
  • Intern Ziv, mentioned by Intern Maureen in Old Oak Doors Part A when she listed a number of ill-fated past interns.
  • Intern Jeremy is the intern who helped Cecil take Khoshekh to the hospital after Khoshekh was attacked by a Strex Pet. In Old Oak Doors Part A, it was mentioned that he had a "run-in with the scorpions in the break room" and will be missed.
  • Intern Svee found the September 24th, 1983 issue of the Night Vale Daily Journal
  • Intern Andrew W. K. is knowledgeable about librarians, though sadly not about fencing swords.
  • Intern Hector saved Dana from a pack of antiques, however, he was bitten and became an antique. In episode 61, Cecil finds a thank you card from the (definitely not) angels thanking him (Cecil) for saving Dana, so it actually wasn't Hector, but Hector got bitten anyway.
  • Intern Jeffery was voiced by Jeffery Cranor in the live show The Investigators. He had picked up a cursed stone depicting his death, and as he was recounting this to Cecil he was killed by a shark that somehow got into the studio. On the recorded live show, Joseph Fink plays this part (Intern Joseph).
  • Intern Hank (name unconfirmed) will be voiced by Hank Green in a live show late 2015 or early 2016[4]

Desert Bluffs Community Radio Interns Edit

  • Intern Vanessa was described by Kevin as helping her double build a shelf, when one of them accidentally suffered a slight bump to the head. When Cecil switched places with Kevin, he described the deserted scene as one where a torn scalp (presumably belonging to one of the Vanessas) was hanging from a smashed window.
  • Intern Vanessa in The Debate Intern Vanessa was mentioned in the 'The Debate' live show, where the portal going to Nightvale from Desert Bluffs appeared again. Kevin bursts through the portal, and there he formally meets the Faceless Old Woman, Hiram McDaniels, Cecil, and the radio audience. He talks about how he always wanted to visit Night Vale, that he was just telling Intern Vanessa that. The Faceless Old Woman said that Kevin could just bring her to Nightvale. Kevin replied no and said, "Vanessa died many years ago. We're all very upset about it. Very upset about what we saw. Some of us never came back to work again. Some of us never left our houses again. Most of us never woke up again."

References Edit

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