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"We have nothing to fear except ourselves. We are unholy, awful people. Fear ourselves with silence. Look down, Night Vale. Look down and forget what you've done." 
-Town Motto

A small desert town where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful and mysterious lights pass over the town while all citizens pretend to sleep. Located somewhere in the American southwest, near Desert Bluffs.


See also: Timeline of Night Vale and Desert Bluffs

Night Vale was founded in 1745. Four groups of settlers had come to the site of Night Vale then left. The fifth group "looked at each other, shrugged, and plopped down their stuff," thus marking the beginning of Night Vale. Early settlers of Night Vale included peace-loving imperialist conquerors and religious leaders who wore "soft meats crowns" made of inverted organs strung around the head.

The Night Vale City Council, then known as the Town Elder Council, first met in 1824. Its composition was precisely the same as on the present day. All records of this meeting were destroyed.

While Night Vale has seen many minor disasters that killed most of its population, no single disaster has been mentioned that would have disestablished the continuity of Night Vale as a city, the City Council or the mayor's office. However, one of the prophecies from the episode History Week insists that the mayor's office will become vacant no later than 2022 and remain vacant until at least 2052.


The citizens of Night Vale, the majority of which are human, are very tolerant of all sorts of death, disaster, supernatural creatures and occurrences and government intrusion. With the exception of Steve Carlsberg, who gets very concerned about government conspiracies and often attempts to call out the logical absurdities taking place in the town. If Cecil is to be believed, though, it's perfectly normal for the government to produce everything up to and including sandstorms that produce doppelgangers. They have a seemingly one-sided rivalry with the nearby town of Desert Bluffs.



Notable LocationsEdit


Government FacilitiesEdit


Most often mentioned are:

Additional local businesses include:

Business chains:

  • Arby's
  • Pinkberry
  • Ralph's
  • Subway
  • McDonald's

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The City Council tightly controls commerce in Night Vale.


  • 5th Street, intersects with Shay Street and Old Musk Road
  • Earl Road, intersects with Somerset
  • Eastern Expressway, has a downtown off-ramp and a northbound on-ramp (see also Route 800)
  • Flint Drive
  • Main Street
  • Oak Trail, near Larry Leroy's house out on the edge of town
  • The old dirt road to the small wooden shack
  • Old Musk Road, intersects with 5th Street
  • Ouroboros Road
  • Oxford
  • Route 800
  • Shay Street, intersects with 5th Street
  • Somerset, intersects with Earl Road

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