Nazr al-Mujaheed is the current head coach of the Night Vale Scorpions Football team. He speaks in strange, awkward sentences that are often nonsensical.

Past Seasons Edit

Al-Mujaheed had been the head coach for quite some time and was able to lead the team to win the division finals in 2012.[1]

2013 Season Edit

Confidence in the coach is waning. He is described by Cecil as possibly being upset that quarterback Michael Sandero had surgery to remove one of his heads without first talking it over with the team's medical experts. In a recent interview he stated, "Our boys play together. Our boys play good games! We want to... We want to be good football boys." and then began pulling his tongue out of his mouth continually until the reporters left, unnerved.[1]

Old Oak Doors Edit

During the revolt against StrexCorp, Nazr was key in frightening off Strex's army of blood-drenched office workers by continually pulling out his tongue until they screamed and ran away.[1][2]

References Edit

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