Mr. Smithwick is/was a resident of Night Vale, who used to live in the Smithwick House. He has/had a wife and two children, Lisa and Jake. He disappeared some time after a mysterious hole was found in his house. His given name and his current status are unknown.

Personality Edit

Mr. Smithwick was a gloomy man full of anger. He never acted on this anger, but his wife and children, as well as their neighbors, could feel it. People stayed away from him, but he was never lonely as he did not posess the capacity for loneliness [1].

History Edit

While preparing a nursery for the third child he and his wife were expecting, Mr. Smithwick found a square hole in a wall, leading into a square tunnel. Soon after this, his wife disappeared. Mr. Smithwick went about his life, taking care of his children and not feeling the urgency to look for her. The police investigated him, but found no proof he was involved in the disappearance. Some time later he looked into the hole and water started to pour out. After his children disappeared as well, he was arrested, but the police let him go as again there was no proof of his involvment. He became seemingly obsessed with the hole in the wall, staring at it every evening, but other then that he continued to live normally, not looking for his missing family. One day he reached inside the whole, and found a tree branch inside. This discovery caused him to stop going to work, eating and sleeping and spend all his time looking in the hole. A few days later he disappeared [1].

References Edit

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