Episode Bonus episode 1
Released November 1, 2014
Written by Ashley Lierman
Joseph Fink
Jeffrey Cranor
Narrated by Cecil Baldwin
Produced by Commonplace Books
Soundtrack Disparition
The Weather "Home" by  Theo Adler
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Unknowable What of the Sea?

"Minutes" is the 1st bonus episode of Welcome to Night Vale, released on November 1st, 2014

Synopsis Edit

  • A reading of the minutes from the Night Vale Community College Faculty Meeting.

Plot Developments Edit

Proverb Edit

If you’re worried your writing isn’t good, just remember: the earth is warming and soon, good and bad writing alike will all be underwater.

Notes Edit

  • First of two bonus episodes released in November 2014 during a hiatus from regular podcast episodes.
  • It is noted in the pre show comments that this was a story submitted for a book project that never came to fruition, and it was this submission that led to Ashley Lierman writing for the regular podcast.

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