Intern Kareem writes letters home to his family, but comes back with responses that make him wonder what is going on with his family. He prods Cecil on to fix his mistakes while telling the story. Cecil still cannot pronounce the word Michigan correctly. Kareem tells him how to say it, but he is fixed on his pronunciation.

We also find out that the Glow Cloud has called for an increase in funding for the students that came from Desert Bluffs and for the five-headed dragon kids. Dana does not want to raise tax prices, and Sheriff Sam still obviously does not like dragons. City Council, besides Tamika Flynn, left for a vacation, once again. They also have not called Station Management back in a while, and Station Management is rather heartbroken over it.

Kareem visited and asked his parents of things only considered normal in Night Vale, and his father finds it funny. Michael Sandero is also not on the actual team, and they did not win a state championship, according to his father. After he leaves, he calls again and his mother calls him an imposter.

Weather-Quiet Americans by Shearwater

Proverb-A 4-star hotel will put a mint on your pillow, while a 5-star hotel will put candy bars in your butt.