Senior running back Maliq Herrera is first mentioned in episode 56, Homecoming. According to an investigative report by Leann Hart of the Night Vale Daily Journal, Herrera doesn’t actually exist. Hart claims in her report that the all-district running back is, in fact, completely fabricated.

"Anonymous sources say that Herrera is collectively imagined by the Night Vale High School fan base – a shared dream, in the form of a boy who won the district rushing title the past two years, and was Freshman of the Year three seasons ago."[1]

It is not known if Herrera is truly nonexistent, or if Herrera and the rest of the town's residents simply think that he is. The only evidence for his nonexistent status is a picture of the many galaxies of our universe, and a rhetorical question about whether anyone so immeasurably small could be considered real. By this standard, every human being is exactly as nonexistent as Maliq Herrera.

Since graduating in 2015, Maliq has been pursuing his dream of being a conceptual artist.[2]

Mentions Edit

  • Episode 56 Homecoming: The controversy over Maliq's nonexistence results in the cancellation of the homecoming game.
  • Episode 58 Monolith: The Night Vale Scorpions were forced to forfeit all their wins from the 2014 season due to Maliq's nonexistence.
  • Episode 74 Civic Changes: Maliq has taken up conceptual art in the Whispering Forest, which he alone can safely enter because he does not really exist.

References Edit

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