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The United States Edit

Towns in the desert southwest Edit

Other Edit

  • King City, California[1]
  • Miami, Alabama, other US states (mentioned)

Russia Edit

  • Nulogorsk, a tiny fishing village, Night Vale's former sister city forever trapped in 1983

European Countries Edit

  • Franchia, land of arches
  • Luftnarp, a little Alpine country
  • Svitz, a land of low rolling hills and off-key tones heard on the breeze

Elsewhere Edit

  • Japan[2]
  • Brazil[2]
  • Singapore[2]
  • Mexico[3]
  • Double Mexico[3]
  • Guatemala
  • Tropical 

Not Earth Edit

  • The dark planet, a planet of awesome size, lit by no sun, an invisible titan, all thick black forests and jagged mountains and deep, turbulent oceans
  • The Secret Lost Pet City on the Moon (mentioned)

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