Larry Leroy, out on the edge of town
— Cecil
Larry Leroy is a frequent call-in contributor to Night Vale Community Radio. Little is known about Larry beyond his place of residence, a farm out on the edge of town nearby Old Woman Josie's house[1], and the fact he is a single[2]. He recently grew out his goatee and stopped dying it black into a full, peppery beard.

He adopted one of Khoshekh's kittens, and named him Larry Leroy. His main crops are peaches, and imaginary corn. Due to the fact he is a peaches farmer in the desert, his only income is the annual subsidy he receives from municipal authorities.

Larry was one of the first citizens of Night Vale to investigate the Whispering Forest. He is also one of the few citizens of Night Vale to have returned from the Whispering Forest, mainly due to him remembering that he had cable TV at home[3].

He seems to have a counterpart in Desert Bluffs by the name of Laurence Levigne.

According to Yellow Helicopters, it is implied that he has been secretly chosen by the Angels, not unlike Intern Vithya, because he began "inexplicably crying" when speaking about them ("because if you talk about Angels, and you are one who has been secretly chosen by Angels, for special Angelic purposes, you will start crying"[4].

Larry also stole a time machine from the Museum of Forbidden Technologies.

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