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Kevin is the host of the Desert Bluffs's community radio show. He makes his first appearance in The Sandstorm (Part A) when a void causes him to wander into Cecil's abandoned booth. He is the main narrator of The Sandstorm (Part B). He also voices a StrexCorp ad in Visitor.

He is described by Cecil as "not tall or short, not thin or fat" and while Kevin refers to Cecil's smile as, "And that smile. . . is that a smile?" when Cecil looks at Kevin's picture, Cecil remarks, "And that smile. . . no, that is not a smile." He is described as Cecil's double, however, it seems that there are very distinct differences between the two, unlike the other doubles, who are described as being so similar that they are impossible to tell apart, so it may be that he is simply a counterpart.

Cecil fearfully describes Kevin's eyes as "black as obsidian" and that he looked "a devil of a man" and must be wicked. Their voices, personalities and opinions are polar opposites, with Kevin's voice being soft and gentle, his personality exaggeratedly upbeat, to unnerving effect.


Kevin is, on the surface, much more upbeat and less foreboding than Cecil, but he is also much more inured to the violence and gore around him, as his booth is covered in animal viscera and his floor littered with teeth and hair. Unlike Cecil, he is distrustful of the government and puts faith in corporations instead, especially StrexCorp, which may or may not control Desert Bluffs. His leanings are far more libertarian than Cecil's and, where Cecil has a Facebook, Kevin has a Twitter.


In The Sandstorm (Part B), Kevin mentions various people who work alongside him on the radio show. These include Vanessa the intern, and the staff weatherman Ted.

He is aware of the existence of Night Vale but shows no distaste for it. In fact, despite Cecil's description of an obsessive rivalry between the towns that is carried out over sporting events, Kevin is genuinely surprised to get a fax from Steve Carlsberg and learn that Night Vale even knows about his little station.

Kevin R Free, the voice of 'Kevin'.
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Kevin is voiced by New York playwright, Kevin R Free.
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