Janice Rio is a Night Vale resident. When referred to on Cecil's radio show, she is "Janice Rio, from down the street", so she presumably lives not far from Cecil and Carlos.

Janice works in Diane's Office and is allergic to cats.

Mentions Edit

  • Condos: Janice is very excited about potentially owning a condo.
  • Episode 59, Antiques: Janice is released from StrexCorp detention, which she had apparently ended up after entering her condo.
  • Episode 69, Fashion Week: Janice is terrified by the concept of "Caturday" on the Community Calendar, and called the station to register her protests: “What do you mean it’s Caturday? Will we be attacked by giant cats? Will the giant cats build huge black cubes all over town? Will I be forced to enter a strange black cube that will absorb my essence until there’s nothing left of me? I am allergic to cats!”