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Which came first – the chicken, the egg, or airplanes?
— Cecil

"If He Had Lived" is the 92nd episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was originally released on August 15, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

This week is National Alternate History Week. Plus an update on the Beatrix Lohman Memorial Meditation Zone, a warning from the National Weather Service, and Children's Fun Fact Science Corner.

Plot Developments Edit

A new event in Night Vale was revealed, Alternate History Week. It is unclear if this has any relationship to History Week. In Alternate History Week, people talk about what could have happened if events were different. There is a contest to see who's Alternate History story is the best. The winner has their story inserted into the Elementary School curriculum.

Beatrix Lohman Memorial Meditation Zone: This year's contest winner was the history of Night Vale if the Beatrix Lohman Memorial Meditation Zone had never existed. To make reality congruent with the story, the Beatrix Lohman Memorial Meditation Zone was destroyed.

The Distant Prince: More is revealed about the structure of the Distant Prince's court and their powers over the weather.

Proverb Edit

Writing rules. One: write a lot. Two: read a lot. Three: if someone tells you not to use adverbs or some other Elmore Leonard thing, swiftly kick them.
— Cecil

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