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Huntokar[1] is the malevolent god of the tiny civilization living under the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex, who isolated the tiny city from the rest of the world years ago[2]. The residents of the under ground city refer to her as "The Destroyer", and she often wears a deer mask. Her existence was only speculated until the discovery of the civilization, before the war with the tiny civilization, and she is mentioned several times in the podcast.

Existence and Discovery Edit

Cecil assumed the tiny underground civilization worships Huntokar long before it was known for sure. In fact, he speculated her existence (including her name) before there was a proof or even a sign the city exists[3]. He did so due to Teddy Williams's security camera footage from the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex of blurry shapes that could easily be mere rats or raccoons but were taken as a proof to the existence of the underground city.

The Underground City Edit

Huntokar seems at first to protect the the tiny underground civilization, and resents the theft of of small buildings from the underground city, which are later being put on crates[4]. Despite that fact, she apparently did great harm to the people of the city, who call her "The Destroyer" after supposedly having taken their sky[2].

Citizens of the Underground City believe that Huntokar is responsible for the Change, which caused their sky (along with the sun, the moon and the stars) to disappear and cut their city form the rest of the world. They also believe this to be their own fault as the Huntokar supposedly did this to punish them, although it is unclear what their transgression was[2].

Mentions and Effects On The Upper-World Edit

The name of Huntokar appears on roaches: first on one that Cecil found after his encounter on the 12:37 train[4] and then on one given out as a part of a Night Vale Transit Authority's press release concerning reopening of the subway[5]. The same episode, Huntokar claims to be "the Destroyer", and speaks against taking small buildings from the underground city and putting them on crates. This is the same nickname given to her by Simone Rigadeau in Ash Beach, referring to her destroying the world in 1983, as well as the nickname used by the people of the tiny underground city.

Huntokar is referred to as "The Destroyer" also by Rigadeau, after her false memory, created by the beings of Ash Beach[6]. In the "memory", that backs up Rigadeau's theory that the world ended in 1983, Huntokar is seen blurred on the TV screen, wearing a deer mask, while the news anchors report the end of the world. Rigadeau says it did not understand what did the woman say, but she saw the figure was wearing a deer mask, and she knew her name- Huntokar.

In Cal, someone scribbled out with charcoal the broadcast calendar, and wrote "A Story About Huntokar", what hints she may be somehow linked to the holes in reality[7].

References Edit

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