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A large number of mysterious Hooded Figures currently inhabit the town of Night Vale. Little is known about their history or why they came to Night Vale, but citizens are recommended to avoid the group as a whole. Despite this advice, there are numerous instances of Hooded Figure sightings around town. They frequently lurk around the Dog Park, the elementary school's playground, and are supposedly regular patrons of Big Rico's Pizza. They are even celebrated in the Night Vale Stadium, which is closed every day except for Night Vale's annual Parade of the Mysterious Hooded Figures on November 10th. There is one hooded figure who openly, uncontestedly steals babies. Citizens are advised to not even look at the hooded figures for any period of time, though Cecil and many others clearly ignore this suggestion without any apparent harm. 

During the episode PTA Meeting, one of the hooded figures stopped by the radio station. Cecil took this as opportunity for a interview and asked the figure about its thoughts on the recent expansion of the Dog Park. However, the figure could not speak in words anyone could understand, instead emitting sounds of loud, static buzzing.

During the episode The Traveler, Cecil conjectures about the sudden disappearance of The Traveler by suggesting that the Hooded Figures might have suddenly surrounded The Traveler, making him disappear. Regardless, it is certain that Jerry's Tacos fell under the management of the Hooded Figures.

It is unknown what color the hooded figures are.

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