The Haunted Baseball Diamond is used by Night Vale's Little League for tryouts, practices, and league games. It is located near the Shambling Orphan housing development. Its resident ghost, Lucia Tereschenko, volunteers as a Little League coach.

History Edit

The Haunted Baseball Diamond was haunted before it was a baseball diamond. It was the spot where Lucia Tereschenko was killed in a gunfight in 1843.[1] It was only a field, through which train tracks ran, at the time--Lucia was killed on a train--but baseball was beginning to become popular, and the local children began to play baseball there. Lucia fell in love with the sport and began coaching the children. At first, the children were frightened; then, as they realized the value of Lucia's coaching, they returned.

Mentions Edit

  • Episode 59 Antiques: Location is mentioned as part of the description of the Shambling Orphan development.
  • Episode 61 BRINY DEPTHS: Little League coach Betty Lucero reports strange goings-on (besides the hauntings, naturally) at the diamond.
  • Episode 66 Worms...: Tryouts for Little League are announced.
  • Episode 84 Past Time: Lucia explains the history of the baseball diamond.

References Edit

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