The Night Vale Freemasons were formerly under the authority of Stonemasons Worldwide. They are currently an independent subsidiary of the Hallowed Mason Council, which is split into four branches, corresponding with the four directions we glance when nervous. The council provides guidance and financial support for the Retail Masons, Wholesale Masons and Discount Masons, except in cases involving intermasonry disputes, which, as before, are subject to the Small Brotherhood of the Large Chamber, the Large Brotherhood of the Small Chamber, or the Properly Fitted Brotherhood, depending on the patterns discerned in bones cast by a fully licensed member of the Masonic Drone Legion, or one of their proxies.

None of this may be known to you, and they are only telling you this to demonstrate your fragile mind, which barely parsed the words as they were spoken, and have already forgotten the secrets contained just moments later. You will never know anything, and you will not even know that.

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