Frances Donaldson is the manager of the Antiques Mall. She is described as being tall, with green eyes.

The version of Frances now living in Night Vale spent some time in another universe after getting swapped with another version of herself. [1]

History Edit

Frances has been interested in time since early childhood. She found it both fascinating and terrifying that objects had existed before she was born and will continue to exist after her death. This led to her developing an interest in antiques and eventually opening the Antiques Mall. [2]

During Strangers attack on Night Vale Frances was transformed into a Stranger herself. Frances then engaged in a conversation with Cecil, saying she had been sent to Hell and had become a servant to "the Good Boy", which she described as being trapped in a mud filled waste land. [3]

While searching for possible dates on the Void app, Frances met Nazr al-Mujaheed. The couple liked each other and went on a number of dates, some of which ended with them spending the night together. One day, when she was in Nazr's apartment, she was warned by Barks Ennui that she shouldn't be there and that she would have to make things right. [2] Despite Barks' warnings she continued to see Nazr and soon she was informed by Barks that she didn't actually belong in the universe she was living in and that their relationship would eventually cause them both to cease to exist. The couple were presented with two choices: either Frances goes back to her universe and never sees Nazr again or the Brown Stone Spire destroys the universe in which the other Frances lives, allowing them to stay together. [1] While Frences was considering their options, Nazr was against destroying the other universe from the very beginning, claiming that his and Frances' happines was not worth billions of lives they would destroy. Frances asked the Spire to let her switch places with the other Frances, as she knew she would never be happy in the universe which wasn't her own. Unaware of this, Nazr eventually asked the Spire to destroy the other universe, inadvertently killing "his" Frances. [4]

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