Desert Creek, a housing development in Night Vale, was built in 2011[1]. It is located behind Night Vale Elementary School[2], and is perhaps most notable due to the presence of The House That Doesn't Exist.

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Mentions Edit

  • Episode 1 Pilot: Carlos and his team report on The House That Doesn't Exist.
  • Episode 25 One Year Later: Cecil notes that Carlos and his team have proved the house's nonexistence with science.
  • Episode 30 Dana: Carlos and his team witness Dana Cardinal leaving the house.
  • Episode 43 Visitor: Carlos states that the development is only three years old.
  • Episode 46 Parade Day: Carlos reports that the house appears empty from the outside. Once one enters, it is fully furnished and occupied.
  • Episode 47 Company Picnic: Lauren Mallard notes that Carlos' team was arrested for trespassing on Cynthia Cabrera's property.

References Edit

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