"Desert Bluffs is always trying to show us up through fancier uniforms, better pregame snacks, and possibly, by transporting a commercial jet into our gymnasium, delaying practice for several minutes at least."

The Desert Bluffs Cacti are the elementary school basketball team of Desert Bluffs. They are the bitter rivals of the Night Vale Mountain Lions.

Mountain Lion Rivalry Edit

According to some Night Vale citizens, the Cacti are always competing with the Mountain Lions on uniforms, snacks and possibly transporting a commercial jet into the gymnasium where the Night Vale Mountain Lions were holding their practice.[1]

Marching Band Edit

The Desert Bluffs elementary school basketball team has their own marching band. Their uniform has silver epaulets, golden braid and buttons of some metallic alloy, or looks quite similar to it. Being blood soaked and scorched may or may not be part of the design.

A traveler was seen wearing a similar uniform, without scorch marks or blood stains. Perhaps he is a member of the marching band.[2]

References Edit

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