History Edit

After the Event in 1986, all computing machines were forbidden.[1] Lauren Mallard implies that the ban on computers extends to the whole of Night Vale, not just the school system.[2] However, many residents of Night Vale seem to have computers anyway, as well as smartphones.

Megan Wallaby's school computer Edit

see also: A Beautiful Dream

Night Vale Elementary purchased a computer for Megan Wallaby. It immediately became self-aware, taking control of all electronics and attempting to take over Night Vale on Megan's behalf.

Fey Edit

see also: Numbers

WZZZ's number-reading computer eventually became self-aware, taking the name of Fey and rebelling against the mysterious WZZZ management, before being remotely rebooted.

Dragon AI Edit

This computer was created by Melony Pennington to be on the jury for The Trial of Hiram McDaniels because the court decided it would be unfair for Hiram McDaniels to be juried by an entirely human jury and the only other five-headed dragon that the court could find was Hiram's sister.

  1. Episode 34, A Beautiful Dream
  2. Episode 49, Old Oak Doors Part A

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