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City Hall is an important local government building in Night Vale. The City Council has its offices here, as does the Mayor.

City Hall has multiple stories [1]. There is a lawn and a tulip garden in front of the building, but they are poorly maintained. [2]

The building is shrouded in black velvet after dark. [3] During the StrexCorp occupation of Night Vale, it was covered by a yellow tarp stamped with an orange triangle. [4]

Departments Edit

Re-Education Department Edit

Citizen reeducation is presumably held at City Hall, as citizens must report there. [5] [6]

Night Vale Hall of Public Records Edit

The Night Vale Public Records Office is described by Cecil as "one of the most secure and dangerous places in Night Vale". All public records, including the Registry of Middle School Crushes, are kept in the Hall of Public Records where the public cannot see them.[7]

Prophecy Tablets Edit

These tablets prophesize the career choices of at least some Night Vale residents. Cecil Palmer's future as the host of Night Vale Community Radio was foretold here. [8]

Other Notable Facts Edit

  • The Night Vale farmer's market is held in the City Hall parking lot on Sunday mornings in the summer and fall.[9]
  • The quarterly Night Vale lottery is held in front of City Hall. It is mandatory, and winners are disemboweled and fed to the wolves of the Night Vale Petting Zoo. [6]
  • Glass cases containing Eternal Scouts Franklin Wilson and Barton Donovan are kept in front of City Hall as "a reminder, to all who pass, of the risks and rewards of bravery."[10]
  • The alley behind City Hall is the traditional place for candidates to await the results of the mayoral election. [11]

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