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The City Council are the main governing body of Night Vale. They are primarily known for banning objects and practices such as pocket calculators, barcode scanners, and margarita glasses for the protection of the public; denying the existence of things such as Angels and the Dog Park; and providing normal city services such as creating hammer licenses and imprisoning citizens in the Abandoned Mine Shaft

The City Council has been in charge of Night Vale since its first meeting in 1824. According to Cecil, they wore traditional crimson robes and soft meat crowns during their 3 hour meeting. All records of this meeting were destroyed, and yet Cecil tells us that during their first meeting the City Council established the tax system, the system of brutal penalties, and the official town song, chant, and moan. The membership of the council has also remained unchanged from that original meeting through the present day. They often speak in unison. They're also on Facebook.

In the History Week feature about the year 2052, the Town Council will "reveal its true form and eat half the population."[1]

The City Council's stance on books is that "books are dangerous and inadvisable, and should not be kept in private homes."[2]

In 1990, the City Council outlawed pocket calculators for undisclosed reasons. [3]

The City Council will also come around to howl at members of the 'olden faith' in lieu of some basic medical procedures.

They banned all wheat and wheat byproducts which influenced many local businesses.[4][5][6]


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