Night Vale has a considerable population of baristas. They have their own district and celebrate the Barista Cultural Faire each year. [1] They live in the Cavelands under the crate behind the Ace Hardware. They have their own king and anthem. [2]

Appearance Edit

According to Missy Wilks, the baristas are "gentle people, soft of spirit and jolly of countenance." [3] They seem to have more than two arms. They dress in animal skins and carry ceremonial spiky coffee hammers. Evey barista has a thick mustache that swirls at the ends; the mustache is called the rolly fingers after their former king Rolly and is often used to hang sweeteners and spoons. The King of Baristas has a beard, purple eyes and horns, but it is not clear whether all baristas share these features. [2]

Personality Edit

The baristas are jovial people. They like to tell jokes, which usually begin with "Your mother..." [2] According to Missy Wilks, they are innocent and gentle like lambs. [3]

History Edit

The baristas suddenly appeared in Night Vale in great numbers and for about four years no one questioned that fact. When eGemony decided to retrieve the case of Canadian Club whiskey which have been absorbing the soul of Night Vale for 40 years, the baristas suddenly faced a threat and Cecil decided to warn them againts the corporation. The King of the Baristas then revealed that the baristas once were eGemony employees who had drunken some of the Canadian Club and thus absorved the soul of Night Vale, becoming a part of the city. They then decided they needed to help Night Vale and have been serving the residents drinks containing the soul of their city ever since. [2]

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