Alondra Ortiz is Old Woman Josie's daughter.

She came back to Night Vale to take care of her ailing mother after spending almost twenty years in Oklahoma [1]. She is currently fighting the Angels over the ownership of her mother's estate.

Mentions Edit

  • Episode 95, Zookeeper: Alondra comes back to Night Vale to help her mother.
  • Episode 97, Josefina: Josie says that Alondra is a good daughter for coming back to Night Vale which she doesn't like, and that she is constantly asking about Josie's will.
  • Episode 102, Love Is a Shambling Thing: Alondra takes care of her mother, who is placed under hospice care at her home.
  • Episode 103, Ash Beach: Alondra thanks everyone who sent her mother gifts and asks people to stop sending flowers, which she considers to be gross.
  • Episode 104, The Hierarchy of Angels: after Josie's death Alondra is sorting through her papers. She hires a lawyer to liquidate her mother's assets after which she plans to leave Night Vale and return home, although she doesn't remember where her home is.
  • Episode 106, Filings: Alondra hires a lawyer, Emilio Tavarez, to fight the Angels, who claim ownership of her mother's estate. She also puts Josie's house up for sale.

References Edit

  1. Episode 95, Josefina