The Abandoned Missile Silo is/was a structure located somewhere outside of Night Vale[1], which, presumably, is some kind of launch facility that is no longer used to launch missiles.

There are several large, empty fields located behind it.[2]

Operation Edit

Despite being abandoned, the Abandoned Missile Silo has been used for the following events:

  • A party was apparently hosted here, according to an unsigned press release that Cecil had found under his pillow, that lasted between 3:00 AM and 3:05 AM on Friday, December 7, 2012, which "features special guest Bon Jovi, although he does not yet know it."[1]
  • An annual recruitment drive for the Vague, Yet Menacing, Government Agency occurs at the Abandoned Missile Silo, when those interested submit their résumés and head shots into one of the secret drop spots around town and are subsequently ruthlessly interrogated there in order for the Agency to figure out how the recruits gained knowledge about the location of the drop spots, what they know about the Agency, and who told them.[3]

Destruction Edit

This structure may have been destroyed during recent city wide renovations. Lauren Mallard stated that StrexCorp contractors had been sent to tear down the Abandoned Missile Silo[4], but it is unknown whether they completed this task.

References Edit

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